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Kettlebell Back Exercises

The aim of a common kettlebell back exercises is to give you a well-shaped back appearance. It can give broader shoulders that help you achieve a better body posture. Kettlebells are good to use for shoulder-shaping but they can be a little difficult to work on since they have this notorious amount of weight. It takes a good amount of strength for you to get used of how kettlebells work.

kettlebell back exercises

Here is how to do an effective Kettlebell back exercises.

  1. You must do a little warm up first. Two sets of your usual push-up routine and two sets of your regular squats will do. Then do 3 sets of the common Turkish get-ups. This is for your body to not get shocked on the weights that you are about to lift.
  2. Now, keep those feet of yours set flat on the ground. They should be shoulder-width apart and are standing steadily on a solid ground. Then bend your knees slightly.
  3. Let both of your arms hang straight down holding kettlebells. The weight of the Kettlebell should go close near the ground. Now slowly raise your one arm straight to the direction of your stomach, hold it there for a few moments, then slowly lower it back to the position where you started. Repeat this step with your other arm. This step is one rep.
  4. Do 8-12 reps. Eight – twelve reps are equivalent to one set. You need do three sets for an effective kettlebell exercise. Give yourself a break in between doing sets.
  5. After that, put on the floor a pair of kettebles. Grab the handles of it. One Kettlebell for each hand. Position yourself on the floor like you are going to do some push up exercise. Spread both of your foot.
  6. Bring one kettelbell towards your chest. Hold it, and then slowly put the weight back to the ground. Do it with your other arm. This is equivalent to one rep. Perform 8-12 reps. Perform three sets of reps.

If you do this kettlebell back exercises in regular bases, you will be able to achieve a good back posture sooner than you expected.


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